Mill Creek Manor Associates, LP

Land Subdivision Services

  • Site Analysis and Site Selection
  • Prepare subdivision plans for residential, commercial and industrial lots
  • SW Management with BMPs
  • Lot Add-On Plans
  • Representation at Township meetings
  • PA DEP and H.O.P. permitting
  • Re-Zoning or Zoning amendments (with will work with your lawyer of choice)
  • Exhibits for Legal Agreements
Broad Street Townhouses
Broad Street Townhouses

I have the confidence, trust and support in ML Saxinger & Assoc. to get the job done and get it done right...I enjoyed the relationship with a smaller firm because you don't get lost on a project dealing with too many different people. ML Saxinger & Assoc. has always been upfront and honest in all our projects which means a trust and lasting relationship throughout a project. I will always value and respect Saxinger & Assoc. not only as a business relationship but also as a friend.

DH Funks & Sons LLC-- Dennis A. Funk
President, DH Funks & Sons LLC

Member of

The Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industry
American Society of Landscape Architects